Transport terminals

Transport hubs such as bus, train and tube stations, and airports attract large numbers of visitors, often carrying and dragging luggage, and carrying and spilling food and drink. The risk of minor and major accident is great. Clean dry floors are essential. Our extensive experience of working with transport hubs across the UK, has made us a recognised leader in this sector.

Our solutions for your sector include:

  • Consultancy relating to prevention of slip accidents
  • Application of specialist products guaranteed to improve slip resistance in high risk and common areas such as ramps, air bridges, and departure gates
  • Washroom floor rejuvenation and improved hygiene standards
  • Terminal and retail area floor refurbishment
  • Back of house floor deep cleans and refurbishment


Train Case Study - BonasystemsCleaning triumph
Network rail see a 60% reduction in accidents on platforms due to Bonasystems.
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