Schools and Universities

Bonasystems has worked with the education sector for many years. Whether it’s an independent or state school, a junior or senior school or a further education establishment, the challenges and requirements remain the same: safe, clean germ-free surfaces. By their very nature, schools have a wide range of different areas presenting different and very real risks. Kitchens, canteens, miles of corridors, swimming pools and changing rooms are all potentially dangerous places. Schools have a duty of care to their pupils and staff to ensure that their surfaces are safe, clean and germ-free.

Our solutions for your sector include:

  • Consultancy relating to prevention of slip accidents
  • Application of specialist products guaranteed to improve slip resistance in high volume areas
  • Washroom floor rejuvenation and improved hygiene standards
  • Back of house floor deep cleans and refurbishment including high risk areas such as kitchens, laboratories, and general lecture spaces

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