Offices and Warehouses

By their very nature, offices have a wide range of different areas presenting different and very real risks. Kitchens, canteens, miles of corridors, shower rooms and changing rooms are all potentially dangerous places. The kitchen is a potentially very dangerous place to work. Spills are difficult to avoid and hygiene is critical. Wet areas in some toilet areas and shower areas in an office also present their own unique problems. Offices have a duty of care to their staff and visitors to ensure that their surfaces are safe, clean and germ-free.

Our solutions for your sector include:

  • Consultancy relating to prevention of slip accidents
  • Application of specialist products guaranteed to improve slip resistance in high volume and high risk work space and visitor areas
  • Washroom floor rejuvenation and improved hygiene standards
  • Back of house floor deep cleans and refurbishment including high risk areas such as kitchens, storage areas, and warehousing

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