Slip Risk Assessment

In situations where a health & safety risk assessment identifies a slip or hygiene issue associated with floor or wall surfaces, the operator must act to introduce appropriate control measures or risk personal injury claims and prosecution. Bonasystems has many years of experience in the fields of cleaning and anti-slip prevention and provides a variety of Health & Safety compliant cleaning and treatment solutions that can help you fulfil your ‘duty of care’ in, for example, leisure clubs, shopping malls, station concourses, airport terminals, nursing homes, schools, and hotels.

Book a slip risk assessment today

All our slip testing uses the pendulum – the HSE’s approved test method and the test they use in investigations and prosecutions. We will visit your premises, review the extent of the ‘slip risk’  and present you with a report detailing our recommendations. These comprehensive reports normally cost £500 and only a limited number are available each month, so we do get very booked up. If you would be interested, please do contact us today and see how Bonasystems can reduce slip risk claims and improve defensibility.

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