How safe is your business flooring in winter weather?

With a cold snap set to hit Britain next week, businesses once again have to work hard to keep customers and staff safe from accidents.

Wintry and wet weather is a serious issue for British businesses, especially as slips and trips are the number one cause of accidents in the workplace, costing them over £512 million a year. What’s more, thanks to a change in …

Floor cleaning – a hidden gem?

Despite what many people think there is a science behind the art of cleaning floors. The right process, the right product and the right approach can result in significant financial gain for a business, yet many still embrace a mop and bucket approach in a bid to chip away pennies from already restricted cleaning budgets.

Each year companies pay out millions in accident claims that …

Testing slip resistance using the Pendulum

Some of the most common injuries are as a result of a slip and fall that has occurred on a damaged or slippery surface. Slip and falls can not only result in serious and painful injuries for individuals, but may also lead to costly and time consuming lawsuits. For these reasons organisations and businesses should make sure that floors are as safe as possible, so …

Bonasystems Boosts Senior Team

John and Steve

Bonasystems, the market leader in specialist floorcare chemical products and services, has appointed two high profile industry figures to boost its senior leadership team and further its ambitious growth plans.

Scientist Dr Steve Thorpe, widely-accepted as the UK’s leading slip and trip expert and Chairman of the UK Slip Resistance Group has been appointed Head of Risk. Also joining the company as Business Development Director …

Research reveals lack of floor compliance

slips, pressrelease, leisure

A study of hundreds of leisure facilities by Bonasystems, a leading provider of specialist floor care products and services, has revealed that four-fifths (79 per cent) of “wet leisure” floor surfaces were not up to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) standards used to prevent slips and trips. This leaves their owners risking fines of up to 100 per cent of annual profits for health

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