Don’t slip up on safety

Employers should consider more than just slip-resistant footwear when protecting employees from slips, trips and falls – this is the advice from a new joint initiative between the UK’s leading safety experts Arco, and leading slip management experts Bonasystems.

Recent research by Bonasystems reveals that three-quarters of floor surfaces tested failed to achieve a safe standard of slip resistance. In some cases, a …

Assessing Slip Risk in a Wet Leisure Environment

Swimming pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas and even bathrooms and shower areas all bring with them a unique range of challenges to health and safety professionals responsible for ensuring the floor environment is as safe as possible to predominantly barefooted users.

Together these areas represent a key contributor towards slips and injuries which can all too often be serious; nearly all recorded major slips result …

Pendulum Testing for Baths

It’s ironic that the equipment used to understand slip risk, and whether treatment and interventions have worked, can’t be used in the place where so many slips occur – baths.

The problem is that the width of a standard bath is just not wide or flat enough for the standard pendulum to be set up correctly, and correct set up and calibration is absolutely vital …

When is the difference between 19 and 36, 1 million?

No… Our maths skills aren’t that bad but when it comes to Pendulum Test Values, acceptable levels of slip risk and the probability of them happening, we definitely know our stuff.

Slip risk can be quantified using a pendulum test, this test (governed by British Standards and the UK Slip Resistance Group of which Bonasystems and the HSE are members) replicates a pedestrian heel …

Don’t Throw Away Investment in your Floors with Poor Cleaning

You have invested time, resources and most likely considerable expense in sourcing and fitting exactly the kind of flooring you need, it is safe, hardwearing and all set to serve you and your premises long into the future.

Now take a moment to think about how you clean those floors, the methods you apply and the products you use.

We ask that for one very …

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