Pendulum Testing for Baths

It’s ironic that the equipment used to understand slip risk, and whether treatment and interventions have worked, can’t be used in the place where so many slips occur – baths.

The problem is that the width of a standard bath is just not wide or flat enough for the standard pendulum to be set up correctly, and correct set up and calibration is absolutely vital to ensuring accurate results.

Speaking to clients at hotels around the country, we know that baths and bathrooms are a major contributor to slips and trips.  Knowing that over 90% of major slips result in serious injury*, finding a solution to assessing slip resistance and evidencing the effectiveness of controls in this environment is important.

This is why Bonasystems worked with the HSE to develop an adapted pendulum kit for use in baths.  It is fully approved by the HSE for use in this unique and potentially hazardous environment, where both shod and barefoot use is frequent, floor types vary in both surface material and height and wet and dry areas are unpredictable and change often. There are even hidden hazards such as residue and body fats compounding the problem, making an already potentially hazardous environment even more so.

All these issues can be quantified and mapped through the objective data that pendulum testing provides, now made possible for bathrooms and baths by Bonasystems.

For more information on our adapted pendulum testing equipment for baths, and how to reduce risk and improve your claims defensibility with useful and reliable data, as well as advice, training and ongoing support, get in touch today.


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