When is the difference between 19 and 36, 1 million?

No… Our maths skills aren’t that bad but when it comes to Pendulum Test Values, acceptable levels of slip risk and the probability of them happening, we definitely know our stuff.

Slip risk can be quantified using a pendulum test, this test (governed by British Standards and the UK Slip Resistance Group of which Bonasystems and the HSE are members) replicates a pedestrian heel striking a given floor surface, the friction between the heel and the floor is quantified and assigned a Pendulum Test Value (or a PTV).  It is the test used by the HSE when inspecting floors, either as part of a routine inspection or as part of an investigation following an accident.

The PTV values correlate directly to the probability of an accident occurring. Both dry and wet values are carefully measured, however since most slips happen on wet surfaces it is these values that provide the most useful data.

Pendulum test values range from 19 (equating to a very high 1 in 2 risk of a slip) to 36 (equating to a significantly lower 1 in a million risk of a slip). 

So, there you have it! The difference between scores of 19 and 36 on the pendulum test is an increase in slip risk of about 1 million!

Do you need to test your floors?

The HSE sets out full compliance requirements for floors classed as foreseeably wet in the workplace such as those found in toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, car park walkways and entrance areas. As health and safety professionals you are expected to use reasonable judgement to define then prioritise your own areas and assign resources appropriately. Starting with these higher risk areas in your premises is always best practice.

Once the PTV values for those areas have been measured and recorded, those with the highest slip risk (lowest PTV score) should be prioritised for action. This systematic and data-driven approach will demonstrate due diligence and a proactive approach to tackling the issue of slips in your workplace.

Do you know how your floors would score? For diagnosis, advice, solutions and support in reducing the risk of slips get in touch with Bonasystems today.

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