Is your poolside really clean?

Poolside Cleaning

The summer holidays have arrived and the pool is filling up with people enjoying the break, but how clean are your poolside tiles?

If you run a leisure centre, gym or spa then you know just how important hygiene and cleanliness at poolside is. After some time, dirt and grime can build up and discolour the tiles completely so it may not be immediately obvious just how much dirt may actually be embedded. You may think that the discolouration is due to ageing of the tile or it may happen over such a period of time that you simply don’t notice.

There is a wide range of cleaning product all claiming to be the best on the market. However, specialised cleaning products from Bonasystems are made especially for tiled surfaces around pools and spas. Bonasystems have years of experience working in the cleaning industry and understand the many slip and trip hazards present around pools and spas. Their specialised cleaning products not only ensure your surfaces are clean and hygienic but also increase slip resistance making them safer too.

Once the summer rush is over, your pool will have seen a huge increase in use and may be showing the side effects. But don’t worry, Bonasystems can help you by providing a deep clean service which will help to restore and maintain original surface textures, especially for wet or high grease surfaces. The cleaning formula used has been carefully produced to ensure it will not affect pH levels or water systems. After the manic summer rush is over, a deep clean can bring the sparkle back to your poolside tiles.

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