British Library Books Cleaning Contract

Bonasystems, market leaders in cleaning and anti-slip products, services and consulting, has carried out an important cleaning contract at the British Library in St Pancras, London with its contract cleaning partners, Emprise.

Bonasystems was engaged by Emprise to ensure that the floor tiles within the library’s 36 public washrooms were up to the highest standards. Following the review, its technical teams implemented deep cleans of the floor surfaces and worked with Emprise to devise a strategy for maintaining the level of cleanliness for the floors over the longer-term.

Over 400,000 people use the Library’s Reading Rooms each year, so keeping the Library’s washrooms clean and safe from slips is a high priority.

The work was carried out over five nights and required high degree of planning and co-ordination to ensure that the teams were ready to commence operations as soon as the Library was shut and to ensure their equipment and floor chemicals were cleared away prior to the paying public being admitted the following day.

John Wright, Business Development Director of Bonasystems, commented: “The washroom tiles within the British Library are fairly small, therefore the proportion of grout is fairly high. As with all public buildings which have very high usage of their facilities, this grout is more likely to become ingrained with dirt over years and it becomes hard to remove. By using specialist chemicals and equipment, we were able to give the tiles a new lease of life.”

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